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Driver Qualification Files


There are many requirements for drivers. Drivers have to meet certain requirements before a company can allow them to drive any kind of commercial motor vehicle (CMV), even those CMVs that don't require a CDL. Driver qualifications have to be met and maintained in a qualification file,   as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These files are made up of the required employment forms you must be aware of when hiring a driver.


Rinehart and Associates Inc., helps you establish, organize, standardize, and maintain your DOT- or company-driver documentation. This regulation requires you to maintain current and accurate driver files for every current driver. Plus, you must respond to prospective employer requests and request more information about prospective new hires from previous employers.


Rinehart and Associates Inc., can take this responsibility off your shoulders. Let our knowledgeable staff keep your files and you will be ensured that you are in compliance. 

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